Rules and regulations

Cleveland Super League Rules 2019/2020

1.         The name of the League will be the CLEVELAND SUPER LEAGUE with the proviso that this can be changed to include the name of any Sponsors. This may only be done at the discretion and the permission of the C.D.O. Committee.

2.         The purpose of this Super League shall be to bring together the best dart players in Cleveland to compete with and against each other and to provide the means wherein the Inter County selectors may have a guidance (use of averages) as to whom they will select to represent Cleveland in their Inter County Matches.

3.         The League shall operate through its own Super League Committee, who will be elected by and responsible to, the C.D.O Committee of the Cleveland Darts Organisation. Should there be any dispute; the decision of the C.D.O Committee will be final.

4.         Any person who has accepted election to any office within the League who wishes to resign from office, shall put their reasons in writing to the League Committee, failure to do this may result in suspension from holding Office within the League or the County for a period of five (5) years. 

5.         Membership into the Cleveland Super League shall be by election only.

To ensure the efficient working of the League, numbers in any one division shall be restricted. Should the numbers be large enough to advocate a second Division then the C.D.O County Committee shall be responsible for the allocation of which teams play in which Division.

The C.D.O. Committee reserves the right to refuse admission into the League, either an individual player or a Team without giving reason.

6.         Teams elected to take part in the C.D.O. Super League, will represent the town or area they play in and will take the name of that area.

7.         All financial matters will be the responsibility of the C.D.O. Finance Committee who shall be elected by the C.D.O. Committee and headed by the C.D.O. elected Treasurer. 

Fee’s, Fines etc. concerning all Super League affairs will be decided by the C.D.O. Committee at the beginning of each season and Teams will be informed of these Fee’s/Fines etc. at the A.G.M. Players with outstanding debt with the County will be suspended from Superleague until the balance is paid in full.

8. The committee have the authority to overrule any rule changes if it’s in the best interests of maintaining the league

9.       All Teams must pay their Team Registration Fee at the AGM or first Super League Meeting, this money shall be given to the C.D.O. Treasurer. 
The amount decided at the A.G.M. The Fee will not be refundable in the event of a Team withdrawing from the League after the League has commenced.

Any Teams not paying their Fee’s either at the AGM or first Super League Meeting week deadline, will be given seven (7) days notice to pay, any Teams failing to submit their Fee’s within this time may be asked to leave the League and will not be considered as part of the C.D.O. Super League for the remainder of that same season.

10.     Should a Team either drop out or be ejected from the League, any points/averages gained by that team and ALL opposition team points gained and personal averages gained will be declared Null n Void and be erased from both the League and individual Average Tables. 

The only exception to this rule would be that should the team dropping out or being ejected having played up to or beyond the half way stage of the league season, then only opposition points and personal averages AFTER the half way stage would be declared Null n Void, ALL other points and averages to stand.

11       All Super League players to be registered on individual B.D.O. Registration forms issued at the beginning of each season. It is compulsory that all players pay a £5.00 registration fee, of this £1.00 goes to the BDO (With NO exceptions) All registrations to be received by the League Secretary within two (2) weeks of the League starting.  Further registrations after commencement of the season will be charged at £5.00 per Player, there are no restrictions on the number of Players a Team may sign on after the Teams initial Registration; however (Rule 10.a) will be applied following the original registration. NO person shall be allowed to play a Super League game without first filling in a B.D.O. Registration form.

11. a     Only one (1) new player may play in the game due to be played on the night of signing new players. (E.G. If a team signs on two (2) or more players on the night of a game then that team may only play one of those players on that night) The remaining number of players may play in any following games. All new B.D.O. registration forms MUST accompany the score sheet of that game. 



Most of you will have heard in some way or another of the recent legislation introduced called GDPR which is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union (EU). 


As the BDO is a membership organisation the collection of certain information and personal data is essential and this is fully explained in the Privacy Notice on Page 2 of this letter 


The GDPR concerns itself only with personal data and to implement it will require that the BDO be classed as ‘Data Controllers’ and that the Counties will be designated as ‘Data Processors’ and as such it will be their task to appoint from a person responsible for the recording of details of their Super League players and transferring this data onto the BDO database system for the sole attention of the BDO Data Controller

The collation of data from BDO Ranked Tournaments 


It will be the responsibility of the Data Controllers [BDO] and the Processors [COUNTIES] to securely store any data they hold and to identify the persons so responsible for these duties

Paper copies of date [completed Forms etc.] will have to be stored in lockable cupboards or file cabinets and safes 

Electronic data must be password protected by whomsoever holds it 

For more information see the Privacy Notice on Page 


There will be no effect at all other than players will have the right of access to their data as detailed the Privacy Notice on Page 2 and there will be a slightly altered Super League and County Membership Forms to fill in that will include procedures as applicable to data protection 


The BDO Membership system will need adjustments to ensure that all players that participate in BICC, British Internationals, BDO Member Events and BDO Ranked Tournaments are categorised as BDO Full Members and those who only play in BDO Ranked Tournaments and gain Ranking System Points will have to have a classification of Associate BDO Membership in order to justify the collection of those players data under GDPR

A player will become an Associate Member of the BDO once he or she features in the BDO Invitational Ranking Tables for the relevant ‘rolling table’ period 

An Associate member of the BDO will not be able to participate in BICC, British Internationals or BDO Member Events 


These will be slightly different in order to minimise the information required and also to introduce a means whereby young players will require a parent/carer to ratify by signature the young players application for membership 

PART ONE – County Super League Membership [Full Membership] 

All players will be required in the first instance to submit an application for Super League Membership of their respective County and once accepted this will ratify that player as a Full Member of the BDO and thereby enjoy all of the privileges and opportunities of Full Membership of the BDO 

PART TWO – BICC and British International Registration Form 

This will need to be completed by those players that achieve BICC and International status 


To avoid any doubt, it is intended to issue an ID Number to all Full BDO Members that will stay with that player for as long as he/she remains a Full BDO Member or becomes a ‘renewed‘ or ‘transferred’ BDO Full Member 


Data will be collated from the BDO Ranked Event Entry details and then transferred to BDO under a ‘Shared Policy Agreement with the respective recognised darts body responsible for organising the Ranked event BRITISH DARTS ORGANISATION


The British Darts Organisation [BDO] are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. 

For any personal data you provide for the purposes of your membership under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 the British Darts Organisation [BDO] is the Data Controller and as such is responsible for storing and otherwise processing that data in a fair, lawful, secure and transparent way. 

The BDO Member County for which you have enlisted as a Super League member by completion of the relevant Form is the Data Processor and as such will be responsible for initialising the process of your membership, collating the resulting data for electronic transfer to the Data Controller [i.e. British Darts Organisation] via its password protected database. 

What personal data we hold on you 

BDO Full Members = Those players that are currently registered with a BDO Member County Super League

The information we hold shall include only those details that are required to complete your membership application, enter into BDO events and ensure your access to each of the BDO member activities for which you are enlisting [namely participation in or the opportunity to qualify for BDO Member Events that your age and gender renders you eligible for] and may include your name, age, gender, nationality, address, e-mail address, phone number and name of any other BDO member counties with which you are also registered as a member 

You do not need to provide us with your date of birth unless you wish to enter age-limited (junior or seniors) events or gain any concessions that may be available based on age. However applicant members aged 16 and under will require signed parental or legal guardian consent before any membership application is considered. 

We shall require details of gender as the BDO operate separate Male and Female sections of participation in most of its activities 

We shall require a declaration of Nationality in order that in instances of any selection into National Teams or National Tournaments then players can be designated accordingly 

As a data subject you are not obliged to share your personal data with the BDO. If you choose not to share your personal data with us we may not be able to register or administer your membership. The reason being that without the data required the BDO would not be in a position to provide the services that the BDO offer in membership and therefore the membership application could not be processed or implemented to your best advantage 

Our lawful basis for processing your personal data is that we have a contractual obligation to you as a member to provide the services you are registering for. 

BDO Associate Members = Non BDO Members that have accumulated BDO Ranking system points 

On occasion we may collect personal data from non-members [(e.g. such as any non-member participant who fill in a form of registration and pays relevant entry fee for entry into a BDO event classed as a ‘BDO Open Event’ or ‘BDO Invitational Ranked Tournament’] and ois allocated BDO Invitational Ranking Points by virtue of his/her position in such Event or Tournament 

Our lawful basis for processing data is consent. Therefore, we will also need explicit consent from non-members to process this data, which we will ask for at the point of collecting it i.e. on the relevant BDO Open event entry form or on the relevant BDO Ranked Tournament entry form] 

Why we need your personal data 

The reason we need your Data is to be able to administer your membership and provide the services you are signing up to when you register as a BDO County Super League member or by acquiring BDO Associate Membership 

We do not hold or request any sensitive data 

Who we share your personal data with 

The BDO does not share any personal data it holds with any other third party unless instructed to do so by law 

Your data is not processed for any further purposes other than those detailed in this Notice. 

How long we hold your personal data 


We will hold your personal data on file for as long as you are a member with the BDO. Member details are updated every year on annual membership forms. Any personal data we hold on you will be securely destroyed after 3 months of cessation of membership 


This information will be stored for 21 days after each event and then destroyed securely. 

Social Media 

The BDO has the following social media pages: Facebook &Twitter, All members are free to join these pages. If you join one of the Social Media pages, please note that the providers of the social media platform(s) have their own privacy policies and therefore the BDO do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data on the BDO or other social media pages. 

Your rights regarding your personal data 

As a data subject you may have the right at any time to request access to, rectification, erasure or ‘right to be forgotten’ on any of your personal data; to restrict or object to certain kinds of processing of your personal data to the portability of your personal data and to complain to the UK’s data protection supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office about the processing of your personal data.

To initiate any request for further information contact: 

Contact Information Commission Office complaint to the ICO. 

Contact BDO on 

Reference also the BDO Privacy Policy 

12.        No Player may play for more than one team in any one season.  All players taking part in the C.D.O. Super League must be available to play for the Cleveland Darts Organisation with the exception of rule 11a. 

If a team drops out of the C.D.O. Super league through unforeseen circumstances, player/s (A Maximum of 3 players from the same team) MAY be allowed to transfer to another team only with permission and following a meeting of the C.D.O. Committee. 

Please note that the second paragraph of this rule ONLY applies to a Full Team leaving the league and DOES not apply to an individual wishing to change teams for personal reasons.

12. a     Each Super League team is allowed two (2) players from an outside County Organisation to play in their team. (This (2) two, is in total and not two (2) from each of the surrounding Counties) 

13.        Games to be played on a Sunday Night (men) and Thursday Night (Ladies) with no cancellation of matches/games unless there are exceptional circumstances (weather). The matches/games are to be played as per the dates stipulated on the Fixture List issued at the beginning of the season. If a match is cancelled due to exceptional circumstances the date of the rearranged game must be set at the time of cancelling and the Superleague Secretary informed. Where possible the date must be before the scheduled fixture.

All games must be completed by the final FREE WEEK on the Superleague fixture list.

Starting time for Men 7.30pmand Ladies is 8.00pm

14.        Men’s Teams will consist of seven (7) players. Ladies Teams will consist of five (5) players. A minimum of Nine (9) players Men and Five (5) players Ladies are required to be signed on for the requirement of the B.D.O. Champions Cup)

15.        Men’s matches may be played with a minimum of six (6) players, Ladies with a minimum of four (4) players. The offending team will be fined £2.00 for each player short.

Opponents who have a full team may select which of their players are put into the draw and claim the remaining points of the number of players their opposition is short. 

(e.g. If a  men’s team has only six (6) players then the team fielding a full team may select which five (6) of their squad play their games and nominate the remaining game as a win)

The Cleveland Darts Organisation Committee would like to, at this point strongly remind each Super League Team that the B.D.O. / C.D.O. Registration is that of an Open Registration and players may be signed on at anytime during the season.

Taking this into consideration it is highly recommended that teams at all times should try to field a full squad in order that all C.D.O. Super League players may achieve a fair and proper playing average.

16.        Entry into Major Super League Competitions and B.D.O. Member only events is Mandatory for all Super League Teams; the entry fees for such competitions will be fixed by the C.D.O.  Committee and put forward at the Annual General Meeting. Teams will be informed of competitions as they arise, also the Date, Time and Venue of such competitions.

17.        Teams are required to support all fund raising promotions put forward by the C.D.O. For the benefit of themselves, the League and consequently the Cleveland Darts Organisation who promote the Super League for the benefit of the County Darts.

18.        All complaints must be in writing to the League Secretary accompanied by a £5.00 fee within seven (7) days of the game. Fee to be returned if complaint upheld.

19.        All games will be played on a good standard 1-20 bristle type board, which must be used for all Super League matches. Any Team objecting to a board or throw, MUST play, but play under protest, such protests to be registered before the start of a game.


20.       The Dartboard will be fixed such that the 20 segment is coloured black and is at the top of the board. All games will be played with adequately lit dartboards, using a lamp of minimum 100-Watt intensity.

21.        The Standard measurements for all games must be as follows:

The Centre of the Bull must be 1.73 metres (5’ 8”) from the level of the floor.

The Minimum throwing distance shall be 2.32 metres (7’ 9.25”) from the face of the dartboard and not from  the wall behind the board.

The Diagonal measurement from the centre of the Bulls Eye to the Back of the Oche must be 2.93 metres (9’ 7.5”)

The Height of a raised Oche shall be .38mm (1.5inches)

The Length of a raised Oche shall be .610mm (2’ 0”) 

 A Conversion Factor of 1cm (0.3937 inches) will be allowed

 A Minimum distance of 1metre (3’ 3”) shall be clear behind the raised Oche

22.        No player shall throw any dart with his/her feet in any position other than behind the raised Oche. Any player wishing to throw their darts from either side of the raised Oche must keep their feet behind an imaginary line extending either side of the raised Oche, any player in breach of this Rule must be warned by the referee or caller in the presence of their Team Captain.

Any darts subsequently thrown in breach of this Rule shall not score and will be declared invalid by the referee or caller.

All darts must be deliberately thrown, one at a time, by, and from, the player’s hand.

All darts must be thrown with the needlepoint aimed towards the face of the dartboard.

If a dart is not thrown in this manner then the ‘throw’ will be declared a ‘foul throw’ and will not count in that respective leg, set, or match.

23.       The Bust Rule shall apply in all games.   If any player scores more than the number they require then the score will revert back to what is was originally before they threw their first dart and any score scored with any dart will not count. (i.e.)  If a player requires 8 and goes for the double 4 with their first dart and they then hit the single 4 followed by a 15 whilst assuming they would be going for double 2 their score will revert back to 8 required at their next throw at the board.

24.        Any dart thrown after a player has hit the double to finish a leg of darts will not count, as that respective leg is deemed to have ended once the winning double has been hit.

25.        Any Team found guilty of deliberately losing a match, shall be stopped from any further

participation in that match and shall be barred from entering any future C.D.O darts events until such time as laid down by the C.D.O. General Committee.

26.        The order of play will be decided at the beginning of each match and will be strictly adhered to.

Players not available when called to play will have that particular game awarded to their opponent.

Once the names have been drawn they cannot be changed.

27.        The Men’s Divisions games to consist of best of 7 legs 501. The away team will throw first in all games. 

The away team player will throw first in legs 1, 3, & 5 and if necessary 7, the home team player will throw first in legs 2, 4 & 6.

The Ladies games to consist of five legs of 501. The away team to throw first in all games. The away team player will throw first in legs 1, 3 & 5. The home team player will throw first in legs 2 & 4.

Format Men’s Matches to consist of six (7) Singles. Best of 7 legs x = Seven Points plus 2 bonus points to winning team.

The Mens Divisions will consist of A league and B league. The winner of the A league will represent Cleveland at the Champions Cup.

The bottom two teams in the A league will be relegated to the B league the end of season. The top two teams in the B league will be promoted into the A league at the end of the season.

The Superleague Secretary has the right to promote more teams depending on new teams coming in or teams dropping out but no more than two teams will be relegated.

All new teams will start in the B League.

The fixtures will consist of games home and away for all teams.

The Superleague Secretary reserves the right to change this depending on new teams coming in and teams leaving at the start of each season.

Ladies Matches to consist of five (5) Singles 5 legs x 501 plus two (2) pairs x 3 legs x 501. = Seven (7) points plus 2 bonus points to the winning team.

In the Men’s games each player winning their singles game will be awarded a quarter point win bonus to be added to their actual playing average. In the Ladies games each player winning their singles games will be awarded 1 win bonus point to add to their actual playing average. To be added to the average table for use in County selection.

28.        All matches must be marked in either chalk or crayon or on a tablet. Any errors in the scores must be corrected within six (6) darts. Three (3) from each player, once six (6) darts have been thrown any score on the marking board must stand, even if it is wrong.

29.        All legs straight start, double finish, Bull to count as double 25.

30.        No one to tell a player their shot out. IF requested by the player the Marker and Caller must tell the player what they have scored and what they have left. 

31.        Results of each leg and final match score must be recorded on a score sheet by the home team, this score sheet to be signed by the two (2) Team Captains following the conclusion of the match.  In the singles all scores, number of darts used, must be recorded. In a winning leg, the shot out by a player must also be recorded and in a losing leg, the score remaining must be recorded.

These score sheets must be completed at the game and be received by the League Secretary within three (3) days of the match being played. Failure to do this will result in a 2 points deduction.

32.        In all Cleveland Super League Competitions i.e. Team K.O. – Pairs – etc. All Team Members, Pairings etc. MUST come from the SAME Super League Team that has participated in the Super League for that current season.

The ONLY exception shall be, after all the pairings have been entered into the competition, any spare players without partners may be placed into a hat and a draw made by the Organiser to allow these players to play.

33.        All players are reminded that whilst participating in the C.D.O. Super League they will be considered Ambassadors to the sport of Darts, also to the Cleveland Darts Organisation, they must therefore bear in mind that at all times they must conduct themselves in a manner complimentary to their Sport and their County both home and away.

34.        In the case of any Misconduct the Committee will have the right to deal with each offense in a manner that they see fit.

Any offending Team/Player will have the right to appeal against any such decisions reached By the Committee.

All appeals must be in writing to the Committee within fourteen (14) days of notification of the result of any hearing/decision.

35.      A Superleague AGM will be held prior to the County AGM.

Any amendments/proposals to the Superleague rules must be put in writing from the team captain no later than 14 days before the Superleague AGM and seconded by another team captain. This will then be voted on at the Superleague AGM. If votes are tied the Superleague Secretary shall have the deciding vote.

36.      Any items not covered in these Rules by the C.D.O.: B.D.O. RULES TO APPLY